Dogs XL Rescue


As the name implies, Dogs XL specializes in finding homes for large dogs (typically 50lbs+). Large dogs are often first to be put to sleep in shelters because medical treatment and food for large dogs is more expensive than for small dog. Large dogs also take up more space at the shelter and on transports to adoptive families. Although owning a large dog is not for everyone, large dogs have many unique and endearing qualities. Here at Dogs XL, we believe the larger the dog, the more there is to love.

Occasionally, Dogs XL will intervene on behalf of a smaller dog with an XL personality. Dogs XL also works with other local rescue groups to facilitate adoptions to families that might be a better match for a smaller dog.

Dogs XL is an all volunteer, non-profit animal rescue group.

In order to encourage people to rescue homeless dogs, the rescue experience ought to be as smooth and pleasant as possible. The screening process should be non-invasive and non-judgmental. The right dog is out there for every family and screening questions should be tailored to help identify the most compatible dog for that individual. The only absolute criteria for adoption that Dogs XL applies are:

-Favorable vet check for current and recent pet owners
(No history of animal abuse or neglect, animals should be up to date on vaccinations and parasite preventatives and animals should be spayed or neutered,unless there is a legitimate medical reason for the animal not to receive these services)

-Adopter must have an open mind and willingness to learn
Dogs XL operates like a social networking service for dogs, designed to match people and pets based on the principles of compatibility and compassion.

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