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Charitable Tools for Banks

Millennials have taken over as the largest generation in the United States commanding $1.3 trillion in annual spending. The rise of this technologically savvy generation and the strong emotional connections that they maintain with the brands they love (read more), puts pressure on banks to offer a new generation of financial products.

Goodworld uses insights from thousands of millennial donors to develop tools that capture the next generation of bank customers. Our tools weave opportunities for charitable giving into your bank’s existing web interface and mobile banking app to demonstrate social responsibility, increase log-in activity and boost engagement. Differentiate your bank from the competition by implementing seamless, streamlined and set-and-forget giving into your banking experience.

Charitable Round-Ups

Empower your customers to make a difference with every purchase. Customers can customize their debit and credit card transactions to automatically “round-up” to charity — right in their current mobile banking app or website.
Find out more about Charitable Round-Ups.

Social Media Payments

Goodworld’s social payments technology makes any social media post “donation-enabled” or “payment-enabled.” We enable frictionless transactions without leaving the news feed. See how #donate works and how #pay technology works.

Charitable IRA Distributions

Goodworld’s technology allows customers to divert mandatory IRA distributions to thousands of tax exempt charitable organizations.

Social CSR

Promote your business values by hosting a fundraising campaign on social media using Goodworld's signature #donate technology. Connect with millennials where they already are (on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) to boost reach, impressions and engagement.

Giving Club

Maximize social impact via a collective giving experience that makes it simple for your customers, colleagues and community to take action. Customers can donate together to causes aligned with your bank's mission and share their experience on social media.
Find out more about Giving Club.

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