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Today's Children, Africa's Future is dedicated to providing a education and other essentials of life for the most vulnerable children in Uganda's northern war zone.

Today’s Children , Africa’s Future is a California , USA based 501c(3) non-profit charity; that is Partnered “ with Comboni Samaritans Of Gulu , in Northern Uganda and contributes to its Health , Education and Youth initiatives which provide for the education and welfare of over 6000 orphaned and vulnerable Children in Uganda’s former war zone ! The Comboni Samaritans of Gulu is a community based organization made up of 70 local people who are mentored by the Comboni Sisters. This group was started in 1992, its members are local to the area and all have had their lives torn apart over the last twenty years by LRA rebels as well as HIV/AIDS The Health Initiative: provides for the Antiretroviral treatment and adherence monitoring for approximately 6300 individuals in the community. It also provides for in-home clinical care of HIV/AIDS patients and the distribution of basic care kits. The Education Initiative: provides sponsorship to orphans and other vulnerable war and HIV/AIDS affected children and is linked to the Health program. It offers both psychological support and the distribution of food and non-food items . In 2011, CSG has 1235 sponsored children in school and manages TCAF’s children’s initiative in Uganda.

With the help of donations it also builds school facilities and has constructed 22 classrooms , 48 latrine structures and 2 blocks of teachers accommodations ; in remote rural schools in the Gulu , Amuru and Nwoya districts affecting almost 3000 school children.

The Youth Initiative: “Education for Life “ is a educational and behavioral change program designed to inform 15-35 year individuals about the risks of HIV/ AIDS transmission, prevention and care; through the use of music, dance and theater.

The initiative also provides income generating activities to economically empower the youth. It also sponsors Peace and Reconciliation youth groups to help facilitate the regions recovery from the twenty two year civil war with the LRA.
Today’s Children, Africa’s Future is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization focused on helping the people of Northern Uganda attain self-sufficiency in this war-torn region. These children who have been raised in a state of combat and violence, many of whom are orphans, receive aid from TCAF, not only monetary funds for their education, but also psychological and emotional support through the organization’s unique mentoring program.

TCAF also aims to send 97% of its proceeds directly to the children in Northern Uganda, something most organizations with high administrative costs cannot claim. TCAF is rebuilding and bettering lives in Northern Uganda by starting with its children.
TCAF’s purpose is to help Northern Uganda’s most vulnerable children and families; those affected by war; AIDS ; HIV, and extreme hunger, to become self-sufficient and rise above poverty utilizing education and sustainable farming practices.

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