Brigadoon Service Dogs


We provide trained service dogs for individuals with physical, developmental & behavioral health disabilities to promote a more independent & enriched life

Our fundamental values include:

Education - In working with at-risk youth, we teach students using positive reinforcement, how to train our dogs to assist someone with disabilities. This gives students an opportunity to feel a part of their community, and the value of team work and responsibility.
Community Partnerships - Working with others to offer alterantive education for youth in our schools and job skills for adults with developmental disabilities. We have the prison service dog programs.
Accessibility - We primarily work with clients on the West Coast including BC, Canada, Washington, Oregon and California. We working with service members based out of Washington who have been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI, and we work with families who have young children with disabiilties.
Service - We provide trained dogs to Veterans, children and adults with dsiabilities. We offer continued support long after the team graduates from our program. Our youth programs are designed to encourage cooperation, to build self-esteem and develop humility.
Sustainability - We strive for financial self-sufficiency.
Brigadoon Service Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization operating in Bellingham, WA for the purpose of acquiring, raising and training service dogs to assist Veterans, children, and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

Brigadoon also provides local at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in dog care and training. Our youth programs allow a young person to gain confidence and self-esteem, as well as the opportunity to learn valuable life skills such as responsibility, follow-through, anger management, consistency, dependability, patience, leadership and care giving.

We work with area middle and high school students who are completing community service requirements. Our programs also include work opportunities for the developmentally disabled in our community in the area of care giving and grooming; and we make special appearances and presentations for groups in the communitiy who are interested in learning more about service dogs and our programs.

We provide professionally trained service dogs to Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD/TBI and mobility issues. We have seen the successes and hope to grow our program to provide approximately 20 service dogs to service members who participate in the Canines and Heroes for Independence (CHI) program. To do this we started a prison dog service program. We have been at Cedar Creek Correction
Center for over two years now. We are scheduled to start our second program at Stafford Creek Correction Center in October 2014. Here the incarcerated veterans will train dogs for the veterans who have returned from the war. A win-win situation.

We train dogs to provide assistance to Veterans, children and adults with physical, mental and developmental disabilities. Changing lives one dog at a time.

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