Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals


Dogs and cats: all-breed adoptions; Paws in Prison; spay/neuter clinics; spay/neuter grants; humane education.
Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (CARE) for Animals, Inc. was established in 1998, by a start-up group of four volunteers. CARE consists now of hundreds of volunteers who devote thousands of hours to its rescue and spay-neuter operations.

CARE does not have a shelter facility, but relies upon volunteers who foster the adoptable pets in their homes. Available adoptable CARE pets can be viewed at our website:, or

CARE's headquarters and gift shop is located at 5516 Kavanaugh Boulevard, Little Rock, Arkansas 72207, where adoptable pets are available to meet you each Saturday, 11AM to 2PM.

CARE hosts regular spay/neuter clinics for pets of limited-income owners at different locations: most often, Little Rock Animal Services, 4500 Kramer Street, Little Rock, AR 72204-7713, or Saline County Humane Society, 7600 Highway 183, Bauxite, Arkansas.

CARE also provides grants to pet owners to help with the cost of sterilizing companion dogs, as well as CATSNIP grants for cats. CARE assists persons adopting shelter pets with sterilization costs through our Rescue Sterilization Voucher Program (RSVP). If you are interested in more information about our clinics or grants, or you are interested to volunteer your time to help with our spay/neuter efforts, please call CARE at 501-680-7729, or email us at

Since its creation, CARE has assisted in the rescue of 3,274 animals (as of November 9, 2013), and fully funded or subsidized spay/neuter procedures for approximately 10,000 pets.

The success of the CARE programs depend upon the generosity and compassion of animal lovers! The smallest donation makes a huge difference in the life of a rescued animal or an animal sterilized at a CARE spay/neuter clinic! Thank you in advance for your support!

CARE is a rescue partner of the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC)'s "Paws in Prison" program. Selected CARE adoptable dogs are placed in ADC prisons where they live with, and are trained by, selected ADC prisoners for approximately eight weeks. The dogs receive behavior training consistent with the American Kennel Club's "Canine Good Citizen' program, in preparation for adoption. The Paws in Prison program enables CARE to rescue more pets, and improves the likelihood of adoption for the dogs who participate. Similar programs throughout the United States achieve positive results for the rescue organization, the dogs, as well as the prisoners who learn training skills that facilitate their own rehabilitation and reentry into society. The program enhances morale of correctional staff and prisoners. CARE's involvement in the Paws in Prison program is supported entirely by your donations! For more information visit CARE's website at:

To donate to CARE securely online, please visit

[updated 11/04/2013]
To conduct animal rescue by providing medical care and placing animals facing impending euthanasia into foster and permanent homes, to increase awareness for the need to spay/neuter all pets, establish a mobile spay/neuter clinic, and to work with and advise animal shelters in central Arkansas on animal welfare issues.

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