Star of the Sea Foundation


The Star of the Sea Outreach Mission is a certified food pantry that stocks a variety of foods which represent a well-balanced diet and specific foods for persons who require special diets. Our goal is to provide approximately 70,000 pounds of food, monthly.

Although our primary purpose is to provide food to those in need, regardless of religion, race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability; our true mission is to provide dignity, respect and compassion to all through love.


Originally operated and funded solely by local Key West church communities, Star of the Sea Outreach Mission was founded in 2006. Star of the Sea (SOS) Inc. assumed all liabilities and assets in 2009, allowing the Mission to broaden it's base of support as a 501 (c) 3 corporation. The food distribution center was purchased with a most generous grant from the local Fred M. Klaus and Harold L. Murphy Charitable Foundation.

The growth that the Star of the Sea Outreach Mission has experienced over recent years can be seen by the sheer weight of the food that is distributed throughout Monroe County. In 2007 we distributed just over 150,000 lbs of food. in 2014 we are on track to distribute over 1,040,000 lbs, thanks to our continued support.

Executive Director: Thomas M. Callahan
Managing Directors: Donna Knull
Associate Director: Raquel Rojas

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