Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoptions


Greyhounds...Bred for their ability to run fast and trained to think at high speed while navigating an oval with seven other hounds. An amazing sight is a greyhound in full flight with all feet off the ground and stretched out like the dog on the big bus!

When their athletic days are over, these hounds take retirement very seriously. While some pursue a couch and a very quiet life, others prefer to play with children and frolic in the fun of a family suited for them. Most hounds are willing to adopt their new families routine and structure in a fairly short period of time.

The purpose of PRH is to provide quality care for the dogs in our facility and place them into loving homes through the adoption process. As part of our adoption process, we offer ongoing support to help your hound adapt to its new environment.

Our vision and desire is "The right hound in the right home with the right family." To obtain this we take into consideration personalities and lifestyles of the hound and the new owner.

Our mission is to educate the public about why greyhounds make great pets. Its often necessary to correct the misconception that Greyhounds need tons of exercise and eat pounds of food! Some can be more energetic than others just like people, but greys typically eat just about 4 cups of food per day!

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