Jareds Juggernaut


Jareds Juggernaut Inc. was started after the death of the founders from Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that specifically targets children and young adults. The organization looks for researchers throughout the world that are working on innovative treatments and methodologies that use little to no chemotherapy. In addition information about Sarcoma and current studies and research facilities are imparted on our website.
General Information: Jareds Juggernaut Inc. was founded in May 2010 and has five members on its board of directors. Three researchers have been selected for funding support.

Jareds Juggernaut is a non profit 501(3)c that raises funds to support body sparing treatments for Sarcoma Cancer.

(a) Help fund research into new and novel non-chemotherapy treatments for various types of Sarcoma cancers with emphasis on Rhabdomyosarcoma

(b) Raise money for this purpose through sponsorship of various fundraising events and activities

(c) Increase public awareness and knowledge of the various types of Sarcoma and current research by maintaining a website which contains definitive information on forms of the disease, current treatment methods, diagnostic tools and current clinical trials.

(d) Write grants to aid worthy researchers in finding innovative methods of treating Sarcomas without harming healthy cells and tissues.

(e) Maintain a physicians referral list containing hospitals and doctors along with their specific area of expertise in specific forms of Sarcoma treatment and research

Educating the public about sarcomas and rhabdomyosarcoma and helping researchers find more targeted and bodysparing treatments to destroy or stop the growth of cancer cells.

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