Leading Through Reading


Leading Through Reading is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building, restoring, and supporting community libraries and educational centers in vulnerable communities. We believe education is a human right. Yet, many individuals within these communities are hindered by inaccessible education and technology, leading to illiteracy and a gap in technological understanding and innovation.

The mission of Leading Through Reading is to join in hand and hope with communities in developing countries and impoverished areas to combat the ongoing education issues, by building and supporting libraries and educational centers. Libraries and educational centers serve the needs of the community in providing assistance and guidance with education, health, and family life. They can be a common ground for a diverse population, a partner for teachers, and a support network for students, both young and old. We strive to provide a safe space where dreams are nurtured and goals are realized.

Through our mission, we target three areas:

1. Education: We focus on promoting educational opportunities and access to resources to alleviate poverty and reduce inequity.

2. Technology: We seek to promote cross-cultural learning by narrowing the digital divide.

3. Community: We lift up the voices of the communities where we work, driven by their vision in making sustainable change.

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