Smooth Transition


We provide at-risk populations a gateway towards empowerment, educational and employment opportunities to lead a prosperous and purposeful life.
Believe, Achieve, Receive

Smooth Transition, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to reach at risk teens early and before they drop out of high school or leave the foster care system. Our work has expanded to include all at-risk populations including displaced adults and others within the community as a means to help break the cycle of unemployment and poverty We work with them personally, academically and vocationally, providing hope and guidance in their life decisions and teaching them the life skills they will need to enter the world, make positive change and meet their life goals. Our team of professionals and educators work with them and provide them with educational and vocational tools, support and continued mentorship and setting them on their path to personal success.

Smooth Transition, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 which serves and empowers underprivileged at risk populations through life skills development, educational training, vocational training and mentorship to prevent them from re-entering the foster and judicial system, repeating at risk, poverty and homelessness cycles. The organization is supported by a dedicated and committed board of directors, volunteers, sponsors, educators and stakeholders.

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