Lawyers Without Borders


This is the one and only official Lawyers Without Borders with affiliates in UK and Kenya only,. Lawyers crossing borders to make a difference.
A record number of lawyers from around the world have been involved in rule of law projects managed by LWOB. Just this past August, over 30 judges and lawyers conducted a two week program in Nairobi. For many of our trainers it represented the 2nd or 3rd time training--all part of our strategic plan to develop an expert team of trainers with global trial advocacy training experience.

To date our work cuts across the following themes: Human Trafficking, Gender Violence, Corruption, Free and Fair Elections and Inheritance and Succession Rights and planning. We continue to seek to balance capacity building in the the judicial sector with community oriented educational initiatives. In 2012 we are expecting to grow our community work to focus on youth education in law and civics.

LWOB expects to experience exponential growth in 2012 and is increasing staff to manage the dramatic increase in project activity. Programming is expected to expand beyond Africa and the Caribbean to Eastern Europe and Asia. Our efforts to grow community outreach educational materials has succeeded with a project planned in late 2011-2012 for Haiti. Sister organizations have been established in London (UK) with expectations to establish offices in Kenya, Uganda, Albania and West Bank before the end of 2011. LWOB has maintained a sustained presence in with ongoing programming or activity in Liberia, Namibia and Kenya for the last several years now.

Lawyers Without Borders is a globally oriented organization which leverages and manages significant pro bono legal resources and volunteers to deliver rule of law programming to developing regions and regions in transition or emerging from conflict. It attempts to support rule of law and capacity building at modest cost while maximizing impact.

LWOB develops and creates opportunities for lawyers and students to work pro bono for the public good at the global level. It provides opportunities for law students and undergraduates to contribute through research, fellowships and internships. Volunteer lawyers, colleges and law students are the backbone of our programming and operations.

The organization is not political and adheres to a mandate of neutrality.

LWOB relies heavily on in-kind contributions, self-funding volunteers, individual donations, major law firm support and grants to support its programming.

1 Supporting Rule of law is critical to economic and social development.
2. Serious human rights violations call for urgent and effective responses.
3. Children deserve all the help lawyers can give.
4. Observation protects the integrity of legal process.
5. Educating the young in legal matters lays a foundation for a strong and effective bar and judiciary.
6. Birth registration is critical to protection and preservation of inheritance and succession rights of women and children, contributes to economic stability and development, preserves the social fabric of families and is the law's only way to fight the scourge and devastating impact of HIV AIDS on those who are disadvantaged.

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