I'm Positive


The Avant-garde HIV-relief Organization.

Most of the solutions presently offered to the HIV community provide short-term support and typically help only the people infected with HIV cope with the effects. For those affected by HIV, a short-term fix produces short-term results. We are cultivating solutions that offer long-term support to anyone affected by HIV or AIDS. The HIV community craves a leader that will stand on the front lines with them to create solutions that match the unique, individual needs of people who are affected by HIV or AIDS. We are that leader.

I'm Positive, Inc. aims to continuously make an impact on HIV by imparting a tangible change in the lives of our clients, members and supporters. The real-life needs of people affected by HIV or AIDS is complex and deserves compassionate guidance. It is through generous donations and countless hours donated by our selfless volunteers that enable us to provide such avant-garde solutions.
Managing real-life solutions for people affected by HIV or AIDS. We advocate, educate and innovate!
'm Positive, Inc. champions the honor of developing and managing comprehensive programs and unparalleled services that directly provide relief to anyone affected by HIV or AIDS. Our compassionate staff and volunteers are dedicated to cultivating fundamental solutions that improve the physical, psychological and social well-being of anyone affected by HIV or AIDS.

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