Beyond Boobs Young Breast Cancer Survivors


WELCOME TO BEYOND BOOBS! - "We're here for 'The Girls'" providing support for young women diagnosed with breast cancer and breast health education for women of all ages to promote early detection.

Nonprofit providing "not typical" support for young women with breast cancer in their local communities and unique breast health education to motivate ALL women to DO what is necessary to ensure Early Detection of breast cancer - our best weapons against this disease.

Started in October, 2006, when five young survivors got together for tea and to talk about their fears, concerns, and the unique needs of YOUNG WOMEN facing breast cancer, BEYOND BOOBS! has been walking alongside and encouraging young women on this journey ever since. The group quickly grew in size and scope. Initially formed only to support one another through this incredibly life-changing challenge, these young survivors soon realized that they needed to tell other women, and especially young women, the things THEY WISH THEY HAD KNOWN about taking responsibility for their own breast health.

The result of their passion to educate others was A CALENDAR TO LIVE BY 2008, a BREAST HEALTH MANUAL cleverly disguised as a beautiful, uplifting wall calendar featuring awe-inspiring, fiesty young survivors from the group. The calendar was so popular that they produce a new one annually, available at

Beyond Boobs! Young Breast Cancer Survivors Inc. is now a 501(c)(3) organization with the two-fold mission of support and education. Their "Not Your Typical" Support Systems can be found in Virginia and North Carolina and are spreading. They get their breast health message across with humorous t-shirts, a lively speakers bureau, public appearances, and the calendar.

These young women belong to a "club" no one wants to join, but once you are in it, they know you really need "sisters." Because they know the value of sharing this journey with each other, they are helping young survivors start these grassroots "sister" groups in their own communities all over the country. And because they know the value of EARLY DETECTION, they are taking nationwide, as well, their message to all women of not only KNOWING WHAT TO DO to take care of your breast health, but DOING IT! They intend to keep fighting to get this message to every woman in the country (and beyond) until there is no longer the need for a "club" such as theirs.

While waiting for a cure for breast cancer, we are dedicated to enriching and saving lives by providing:

(1) SUPPORT for young women diagnosed with breast cancer (before menopause) through grass roots "NOT YOUR TYPICAL" SUPPORT SYSTEMS nationwide; and

(2) EDUCATION about breast health for women of all ages to help them TAKE CHARGE of theirs to promote early detection.

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