Warriors for Autism


A 501c3 non profit dedicated to creating programs that enlighten, enrich & empower the lives of families with children affected by ASD
We also host inclusive camp programs at a local horse farm for children on the spectrum as well as their siblings ages 5-15 which include animal husbandry, organic agriculture, academics, crafts, therapeutic riding, sensory friendly animal encounters and so much more.

We also host an adaptive martial arts program which incorporates: balance, flexibility and coordination along with speed and agility drills, self defense and kickboxing. Children also learn anti-bullying and team building skills with a 5x World Champion Kickboxer and parent of a child on the spectrum.

Enlightening families to the resources available to them and suggesting ways to apply them in a way that will provide the most success. Keeping them up to date on the ever emerging technology, diet and therapies that are offered and how they may be of assistance.

Enriching the lives of the individuals with autism by creating inclusive programs that immerse them in sensory friendly, hands on learning environments they are better capable of learning in. Provide them with programs that help harness interests that are already exhibited and transitioning them into employable skills.

Empowering individuals with the tools necessary to lead their lives to the fullest potential. Armed with employable skills, confidence and the knowledge that no one need live their lives defined by their deficits or disabilities we hope to be able to set forth more young adults with autism spectrum disorders that are employable and able to live with limited to no assistance.

Warriors for Autism is dedicated to creating programs and services that enlighten, enrich and empower the lives of families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

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