The MatchingFund


We all want to donate more to Causes and Charities. The MatchingFund was created to provide critical matching dollars. All donations are tax deductible Welcome to The Matching Fund.

This is the place created for the purpose of leveraging donations made by individuals and corporations.

The Matching is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Donations can be made to the with a deduction allowed based on your individual tax situation. You donate, then your donation is used to encourage others to donate. It’s that simple and powerful. is a new site and organization where individuals or corporations can make donations and have them leveraged. It may not necessarily be doubled. But using the incentive to get others to donate will increase the donation for both parties. Past data indicates that somewhere between 17-28% increases due to Matching Funds is realistic.

The fact that we are a 501(c)(3) organization allows the initial contribution to be deducted. But it becomes an incentive for others to give as well. The intent is to have this unique site that will foster more charitable giving knowing that your money can be leveraged for increased giving.

We will use any contribution to match other contributions for causes and charities.

The initial contributions will be able to be restricted to certain causes or charities if you wish, or be put into a general fund that will go to particular causes and charities via If you would like for your Cause or Charity to be listed, please sign in as a member (its free) and make a post for your cause. We will create a link to the donation page and website.

We are working on fundraising and other events that will utilize the matching dollars.

Donate instantly to thousands of causes that matter.