Forever Fido Rescue


Forever Fido Rescue is a 501c3 LA-based rescue group dedicated to reducing the over-population of companion animals through adoption efforts and education.

One of the many reasons Elina Kaufman founded Forever Fido Rescue was the negativity she continued to hear about the rescue community. "At one of the first adoption events where I volunteered, I had several people tell me that they decided to buy a dog from a breeder because a rescue group made it so difficult for them to adopt," Kaufman said. As our goal is to promote adoption, stories like this are very frustrating to hear. However, the negativity that sometimes surrounds the rescue community only encourages us to maintain a professional and compassionate commitment to our mission.

In addition to taking direct actions to save individual animals, we also strive to promote good rescue habits and set a positive example for the rescue community. It is our strong belief that everyone we encounter be treated with kindness and respect, just as we expect for the animals we rescue. With an estimated 3-4 million dogs and cats euthanized in the United States every year, our goal is to make rescue the only option for finding an animal companion. We will never discriminate against potential adopters due to age, income, occupation or the size of their home. We are in the business of saving lives. The animals who we rescue come in unique packages, and we understand that loving families and safe homes do as well.

Forever Fido Rescue is dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of companion animals through adoption efforts and education.

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