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Campaign Spotlight: Join us in making a greener online so we can have a greener offline!

As we store, share, and stream more of our lives online, the internet grows bigger every day. But powering the online world requires energy - a lot of it.

Already, our online world, if counted as a country, would rank sixth in the world in electricity use. The rapid growth of our online world could actually help our offline world become greener, if the electricity that powers the Internet is produced by modern renewable energy.

Already Facebook, Google, and Apple have begun the transition to clean, renewable energy. Together, we can get even more major Internet companies to commit to a greener online so we can have a greener offline.


Greenpeace has been peacefully defending the planet since 1971. By bringing together activists, supporters and people just like you, we have played a pivotal role in huge wins for the environment. Some of our victories over the years:

- Commercial whaling moratorium
- Ban on toxic waste exports to less developed countries
- Bans on dumping radioactive and industrial waste at sea
- 50-year moratorium on mineral exploitation in Antarctica
- An end to large-scale high-sea driftnet fishing
- Establishment of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
- Ban on all nuclear weapons testing

Today, our fight to save the planet has grown more serious than ever. The threat of global warming, destruction of ancient forests, deterioration of our oceans, and the threat of a nuclear disaster loom large. Greenpeace is actively working to address these and other threats and we need your help!

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