Carpe Artista


Carpe Artista promotes positive culture in the world by developing arts communities and creatives.

Carpe Artista provides artistic training, leadership development and community engagement opportunities that help young creatives reach their full potential in character, calling, craft and community. We also create and manage art related classes, events, performances and camps for local residents of all ages, interests and skill levels.

Our Core Values:

- Character - practicing and displaying morality, compassion and respect in every way.
- Calling - using our creativity to positively influence our world..
- Craft - pushing our creativity, commitment, and competence to reach artistic excellence
- Community - positively serving, teaching, leading and entertaining our local communities and regions.

The programs and activities of Carpe Artista in Smyrna, TN are the models by which we will expand to other parts of the US and the world. With your support and patronage, our Twenty Five Hundred by 2025 project will see us train and develop 2,500 high-impact creatives by the year 2025.

Carpe Artista - the world made better by the arts.

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