American International Health Alliance


AIHA is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening health systems in developing and transitioning nations around the globe.

AIHA is unlike many organizations that provide technical assistance because our partnerships and programs often rely on the commitment of professional time and energy provided by volunteers on both sides. Our twinning model presumes that healthcare professionals overseas are more receptive to new ideas when they work together with colleagues who face the same challenges in their own day-to-day practice.

For more than two decades, AIHA has been applying its unique twinning methodology in more than 160 capacity building partnerships and initiatives in some 30 countries spanning the globe. Through our partnerships, more than 150 US hospitals or health systems and over 55 schools of the health professions have played a critical role in international health systems strengthening efforts.

AIHA's programs address critical issues such as HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, maternal and child health, blood safety, primary care, emergency and disaster preparedness, and health professions education and development.

The American International Health Alliance is a nonprofit organization working to advance global health by helping countries with limited resources build sustainable institutional and human resource capacity. Through twinning partnerships and other programs, we provide technical assistance using the knowledge and skills of experienced health and allied professionals to strengthen overburdened health systems.
AIHA’s mission is to help resource-constrained communities and nations make positive, sustainable changes that improve accessibility to a broad range of high-quality healthcare services and preventive programs.

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