Meant 2 Live Foundation


We were meant to live for so much more!

We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves? We are
blessed with talents and gifts that shall be used to help those who are less
privileged than we are. It is our social responsibility as citizens of the world.
We owe it to ourselves and to those we serve to share from our abundance and
to give so that others may live. One thing that all religions and political views
can agree on is the issue of poverty. We will work to correct the false belief that
poverty, both locally and globally, is not our problem. On the contrary, this is
our duty and obligation as part of the human race. To whom much is given,
much is required.

A life of extreme poverty which leads to death is not a matter of charity, it is an
injustice. Overcoming poverty is the protection of a fundamental human right of
dignity and equality. Everyone has the right to enjoy life, liberty, security and
the pursuit of happiness. We believe that where you live should not determine
whether or not you get to live. They were meant to live a life of freedom from
the heavy chains of poverty that is weighing them down as prisoners who are
enslaved and trapped.

We seek to break this vicious cycle and empower those who are impoverished
to have a second chance at life - to be lifted from the ashes of their despair.
M2L aims to give hope to the hopeless and to be a voice for the voiceless. We
will remember those who have no one to remember them. When our brothers
and sisters are down, we will help carry them and help relieve the suffering in
their broken world. We will attempt to reach the unreachable and to do the
impossible because all things, in fact, are possible. Together, we can be a
light to the world.

Meant to Live Foundation empowers non-profit organizations located in Washington DC and Zambia that focus on combatting social injustices to improve the quality of life for impoverished youth through education, mentorship, and food programs.

A global mechanism of change through which members of society fulfill their social responsibility by sharing their time, talents, and resources to help impoverished communities worldwide.

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