Lutheran Indian Ministries


Lutheran Indian Ministries shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the North American Native people.

Lutheran Indian Ministries envisions a day when all nations walk together in Christian fellowship. This is the driving force behind our Native ministry.

We want Native people to know they have forgiveness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

We seek to share this life­-changing Gospel message in a way that addresses and heals their particular needs and hurts.

We want these children of God to gain self­-worth, knowing He created each one uniquely for His purpose.

We want Natives to thrive in stable and healthy families and communities with empowered leaders devoted to Christ.

We seek to embrace the uniqueness of each tribe’s heritage.

We want to share and learn from one another.
Lutheran Indian Ministries exists because there is a vital need to reach out to Native American Nations and share the Word of Christ.

Less than 5 percent of the approximately 5 million Native American people in North America know that they are accepted by God and forgiven in Christ.

It’s a pretty incredible statistic. It keeps us motivated to do everything we can to reach every Native American Nation, raising up Native leaders from within their own communities and equipping them to share the love of Jesus Christ with their people.
Lutheran Indian Ministries shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all Native American Nations.

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