Adonais Mercy House


Adonai's Mercy House began in 2015 with one simple goal: to help impoverished children in the Philippines who are sick from cancer and other childhood diseases to have a better way to cope with these horrible conditions, and to see all the children enjoy life to the uttermost until they are called home.

Unfortunately for most of these children, especially the ones battling cancer, it doesn’t end in the word “remission” or “cure”, but in death. In one sense these brave little warriors have lost their battle with the cancer monster. Yet in another sense they have actually been granted the ultimate victory by being given angel wings.

Besides helping with immediate needs like food, blood and platelet transfusions, chemo therapy and medicine we have a desire to build a hospice center and transitional home where these children are not surrounded by strangers in a large open room as they fight their perspective diseases. We hope to help bring a private, intimate setting with their families and friends, surrounded by love as they transition through their disease or in many cases to the next life. With your help we can bring Adonai's Mercy House to a reality.

A place where these children can have dignity, surrounded by love, something we all desire to have.

We are currently in Phase 1 of our goal to build this hospice center. We are looking for land in the Philippines to build this vision on, a place that is large enough for a three-story Hospice Center and transitional home where we envision 30 rooms that will be the available for these children who are nearing the end, a place where they can be with their families in a comfortable, safe environment with proper care and dignity of life.

On this property we will also have an Orphanage and transitional home for as many of the 1.7 million street children in the Philippines as we can help. We would focus on the abandoned and outcasts and offer them a home and teach them to farm, helping them to become educated. Giving them a hope and a future.

The food we grow would be used to feed these children and the terminally ill on the property, a cycle of life that would give so many hope where there is currently none.

With your support we can change the lives of these children and eventually a nation.

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