Senior Charity Care Foundation


The mission of the Senior Charity Care Foundation is to improve the quality of life for elders in need. Our goal is improving the dignity and quality of life for seniors in care settings by fulfilling unmet needs.

How can you help? Donations are always welcome, just click on the 'donate now' button or visit our website. Also, volunteers are needed to join the Friends of Senior Charity Care Foundation.

The Friends help to raise support through the Hope Benefit, held annually in Salt Lake City, and the Caring Tree Annual Fundraiser. Your help allows us to provide critical support to seniors who reside in care facilities and senior apartments in Salt Lake and Davis Counties.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial assistance to those in senior care facilities who require care, services or support but have exhausted all other potential funding sources and do not have the financial resources to pay. Although our charter states that we will ultimately serve the Intermountain West our current focus is on the Greater Salt Lake Valley until sufficient resources and funding is available.

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