John J. Byrne Community Center


Many things can wait. Children cannot. Our efforts in reclaiming our youth in a hostile environment by providing community center facilities, over the past 30 years have been nothing short of exasperating. The urgency is stark - how much more children and youth could we have snatched from the jaws of crime, gang violence and the ravages of drugs, were we to provide superior community center facilities for our residents? John J. Byrne Community Center, against all the odds, has struggled to maintain modest, limited facilities for our youth over the years.

In addition to our campaign to build a state-of-the-art facility for our children, youth and families, we need funding for maintenance projects of our current facilities. Our primary goal is to build and operate a center, where there is an atmosphere and environment comfortable for learning and sharing, and where children, teenagers, and adults will flourish and prosper.

As gang violence escalates, and drugs become more and more accessible to our youth, your financial support can be the paradigm shift we need to take our mission to the next level to build the community center that Uniondale deserves.

The support you provide us, regardless of your geography, ethnic or social background positively impacts the entire world community, one child at a time.

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