Kelley Leger Ministries


Mass Crusade Evangelism was a big part of the ministry of Jesus and is a big part of our ministry. We preach a simple and uncompromising full Gospel message to in these crusades. According to the ministry of Jesus and those who followed Him, a Gospel without Signs & Wonders was no Gospel at all. Jesus said these signs would follow those who believe and Paul said that he “fully” preached the Gospel with mighty signs and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit. How could we even begin to think that we have the right to change the way that this Gospel was originally preached. For certainly in so doing, we would strip it of it’s ability to produce the same results that they had in the beginning when it was preached so purely. Paul said if a different Gospel was preached to let him be accursed. We are in a world where culture try’s to continually rewrite scripture, water it down, make it palatable, and relevant. In so doing they have preached a different Gospel than the one Jesus so boldly preached. A form of Godliness that now deny’s the power there of. We preach THE Gospel!

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