Restore Innocence Ranch


A Non-Profit, 501(c)3, program that will be designed to Restore teen girls, 11-18, from Sexual Trafficking, with Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Healing.
We are a residential treatment center helping teen girls, 11-18, coming out of Sex Trafficking. Keeping them Safe from the Pimps & Traffickers. Restoring them to the women that God created them to be, so they can be Self sufficient & Empowered!!

Our Promise to Survivors of Sex Trafficking:

We promise to operating with a
standard of excellence.

We promise to your safety and
security, allowing you
to achieve your goals without fear.

We do not believe in an institutional type setting;
we will have a family environment.

We strongly believe that you have a voice and will work to empower you to make healthy choices.

We offer a specialized program that understands commercial sexual exploitation and will provides appropriate services to meet your needs.

We strongly believe that Christ is the ultimate source of our healing and restoration. Although we are a faith based program, we will not discriminate or force you to share in our beliefs.

Most importantly, we believe you were created for a Higher purpose. We believe in you. We value you. We are here for you -
no matter what!

If for some reason you feel we have not met up to your expectations, my door, the Executive Director, is widely open to you. Together we will meet your expectations.

To Help girls out of Sex Trafficking & Restore to a normal God based Family Life!!
To Educate and bring Awareness to Youth in Trafficking. To Rescue & Rebuild their Lives & Self Confidence through Faith & Prayer & to provide a Safe Haven.

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