International Snow Leopard Trust


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This is a community for snow leopard lovers, managed by the Snow Leopard Trust, the world's leader in research and conservation of the endangered snow leopard. This page is a perfect for to post snow leopard photos, both from zoos and from the wild (if you're lucky enough!), to ask questions and engage in discussions about the snow leopard, its ecosystems and strategies to protect the cat.

There is only one ground rule: Stay respectful! Some of the issues surrounding conversation can be controversial, and while we welcome different opinions, we can't tolerate hate speech, discriminatory or incendiary comments or calls for violence. In the rare instance that someone crosses these lines, we will delete posts or comments.

Thank you, and welcome!

There are only 3,500-7,000 snow leopards left in the wild today. The Snow Leopard Trust is the largest organization in the world dedicated to protecting this magnificent cat. Our programs in China, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia are putting an end to poaching and our research is unlocking the secrets of this elusive animal. Unfortunately, snow leopards have disappeared from areas they once roamed freely. Together we can save them from extinction. Saving snow leopards is a global issue.

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