Women of the World


Confident women raise confident successful families

I dream of the day where women of the world has refugee started businesses that showcase the products that have great potential in a growing market both locally and online. Our stories are more tangled, yet inspiring, than any novel or self-help book on the shelf. Our volunteers and associates are women who have seen war and violence. The women in our organization were child and arranged brides. We are proud but protective mothers. Our tears crease through wrinkled valleys of hope.

Our hope drives us to help other women; the example of a mother’s diligence against all odds, ensures our success.

Seeing women going through our program and then supporting others in need is our dream. We are a new non-profit and need a lot of help and support. Please share your insights on our blog or by contacting our founder, Samira Harnish, at

WoW goals are to empower refugee women to self-sufficiency and instill in her a service ethic, in other words we want to give them a voice and build their skills so they pay it forward.

We believe that women are empowered when they are well in their body, mind, and soul – that is, when they are healthy, allowed to settle in their homes and social networks, creating opportunities and earning income, and making decisions in their communities. Help refugee women to achieve self-reliance, a voice in the community, and empower economic independence.

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