ONEless Ministries works locally, nationally and globally to prevent human trafficking through education/awareness training and caring for the vulnerable.
ONEless focuses on just what you would think: ONEless

•ONEless Orphan
•ONEless Victim of Human Trafficking

One Less = One More
•One more family who gives an orphan a home
•One more survivor of human trafficking
•One more person who feels loved and valued
•One more person who is not vulnerable to injustice
•One more person who is empowered
•One more person whose life is transformed by the Gospel

ONEless works proactively to keep vulnerable children from falling prey to a criminal industry known as human trafficking. This $32 billion criminal industry is enslaving 27 million people worldwide.

80% of it's victims are female and 50% are children.

We work to keep vulnerable children from falling prey to this horrific crime through:
o Community awareness programs
o Adoption grants
o Support of a safe house in Thailand
o Construction of homes for vulnerable women and children in Uganda
and Brazil

ONEless leads a movement of freedom for the defenseless.

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