Global Emergency Care Collaborative


GECC is dedicated to increasing access to emergency care for people that have none. Access to well trained Emergency Care Practitioners both saves lives and reduces injuries and illnesses, leading to improved health status for local populations.

Around the world, lack of access to trauma and emergency medical care are significant causes of morbidity and mortality. While developed nations have both the transportation and medical infrastructure to handle acutely ill patients effectively, these are lacking in developing nations, presenting a significant challenge to those caring for the acutely ill. Often is also lacking the ability of patients to pay for their care, as little support from the government or private insurances are available. As a result, not only is it difficult to access adequate primary or emergent care, it can be catastrophically impoverishing to seek it.

Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC), a 501.3c non-profit founded in 2008, is dedicated to addressing these issues in a sustainable fashion. Members of GECC work with the doctors, nurses, and non-physician clinicians currently providing patient care at established hospitals in these countries. By performing assessments of community needs, working alongside medical practitioners and directly caring for patients, GECC trains local providers in the practice of emergency medicine, introduces appropriate medical technology, and improves access to emergency care for local people.

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