CHOICE Humanitarian


We declare that extreme poverty is intolerable & must be eliminated. We end extreme poverty in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, & Peru
CHOICE Humanitarian believes in the value and dignity of all human beings. We are a nonprofit organization with more than 30 years experience working to end poverty in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, and Nepal.

We do this by empowering villagers to determine their own path for self-reliance, by building village leadership and by uniquely leveraging local and international investments.

We call on all members of the global family to choose to end poverty by sharing, contributing and participating.

Working side-by-side, together we end extreme poverty.

CHOICE Humanitarian began in 1982 as the brainchild of Dr. Jim Mayfield and Dr. Tim Evans. For more than 30 years we have worked in more than 15 countries throughout the world, and witnessed villagers develop and work their own plan out of poverty.
CHOICE Humanitarian – ‘The Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Inter-Cultural Exchange’, is a strategic non-governmental agency (NGO) currently working in six countries, Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico. Our overriding goal is to end extreme poverty and improve quality of life through a bottom-up, self-developing village-centered approach.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, CHOICE coordinates the efforts of full-time In-Country Directors and their staff in all project countries.

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