Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico


Preventing and reducing homelessness in partnership with local communities and membership organizations since1996.

Housing First is a nationally recognized “best practice,” endorsed by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. It is an intervention that moves people off the street into stable, affordable housing with supportive services to address mental health, substance abuse, health, and employment needs. Using the Housing First model, SHC-NM intentionally seeks out individuals and families that have experienced long term homelessness and serves those with the highest need and most vulnerability first. Priority populations are individual/families with serious health disorders that have experienced chronic homelessness.

SHC-NM has successfully spearheaded housing activities in coordination with Coalition member agencies, other collaborating partners, and the clients they serve. These community partners refer and place residents and offer a comprehensive range of supportive services to optimize the health, recovery, independence and housing stability of our residents. This formal collaboration enables SHC-NM and partnering agencies to pool resources, reduce competition, better coordinate service delivery, increase efficiencies, and embrace a broader strategy for creating supportive housing.

SHC-NM seeks to create and manage the most affordable, supportive and highest quality housing possible for homeless, low-income, disabled and those at risk of homelessness; advance the success of residents by keeping them permanently housed and linked to a comprehensive array of individually tailored supportive services; include community input in the design and operations of our housing; and to use local suppliers and labor, and green building materials whenever possible.

The mission of the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico (SHC-NM) is to prevent and reduce homelessness and to increase the quality of life for people with behavioral health issues in New Mexico by creating and preserving permanent, affordable and supportive housing.

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