Open Excellence


Accelerating the world's transition to excellent mental health care.

Open Excellence is an international community foundation for mental health recovery that seeks to turn the rising tide of chronic illness and premature death through the power of philanthropy and the shared work of scientists, health professionals, people with lived experience and their families. The Goal: to find and promote the best ways to achieve long-term recovery and to help people with mental health challenges to thrive.

EXCELLENCE is the next generation community foundation; global in scope and focused exclusively on improving mental health outcomes. With a strong, diverse board of eminent researchers, people with lived experience, philanthropists and finance managers and an intellectually rich Scientific Advisory Council, Excellence gives donors large and small the opportunity to make an impact by supporting recovery-oriented research, developing family and community education resources that spread hope and knowledge about recovery practices, and by supporting professional symposia and learning collaboratives that will begin to shift the field’s mindset from the chronic disease model to one that expects recovery for every person with mental health challenges.

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